For all areas of the body AND FACE: Tissue tightening, Cellulite treatment, Breast lifting, Stretch marks, Skin impurities AND Relaxation


The N1B CyberPro is an innovative and highly effective computerized treatment method for treating almost all problem areas and cosmetic indications of the body and face. This method is computer controlled and is generating an energy-related equilibrium recovery of the fabric in the area to be treated of the body and face. This causes a skin tightening and lifting effect and with this unique method, even a non-invasive and effective breast lift can be generated safely. This effect is called “resculptering ‘of the tissue.


The origins of this innovative treatment technique can be found in the ancient Chinese traditional treatment methods as the energy potential of the body is measured in a closed system with bioelectric frequencies of different values (900 times per second!) and these values are then compared with a unique empirically determined database (visualization as a map of electrophysiological potency in the human body) which is stored in the integrated computer. The N1B CyberPro actually measures the electrical activity of the cell membrane, and then stimulates this level on the locations to be treated of the body or the face. This unique treatment method generates an optimal cosmetic result for each individual and thus restores the most optimal achievable energy-related condition. This way, we actually are able to influence the metabolism which generates the final desired cosmetic result. 


The treatment with the N1B CyberPro is carried out in a course of treatments and may be applied twice per week. The average number of treatments in a course is between ten and twelve per course. The treatment is pleasant to undergo and completely painless. Your customers will experience the treatment as a pleasant massage and they will be pleased with the quick and permanent cosmetic results.

The intuitive color touch screen makes it easy for the operator to perform the treatment as the unique intelligent hand pieces immediate give a feedback if the contact is made or interrupted with the probe and the tissue. The integrated software completely guides the operator during the treatment so the patient can be sure that the treatment is always carried out 100% effectively and efficiently. The used hand pieces are made of high-grade medical stainless steel and meet the highest allergological and antibacterial requirements.

Technical specifications:

  • Model: N1B CyberPro
  • Frequency: Carrier / LRL: 0:25 ± 0:05 Hz
  • Switching frequency: 1-625 Hz
  • Output: Max. 100 mW max. 1,200 μA, max. 60 V
  • Control range: Skin conductive value 3.2 kΩ -75
  • Power connection: 100 -240 VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 50W
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 35 cm x 42 cm x 56 cm with panel PC.
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Applied part: Type BF
  • Protection: IP10
  • Certification: CE marked

Information & Sales:

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+35 2 621 592 868

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+49 911 400 880 26

+49 911 400 880 26


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